Volume 55 Issue 1

In Memoriam-The Many Sides of Hugh C. Macgill, Richard D. Pomp, Carol Weisbrod, Kent Newmyer, Bruce H. Mann, Richard Kay, Avi Soifer, and Timothy Fisher

A New Feudalism: Selfish Genes, Great Wealth, and the Rise of the Dynastic Family Trust (DFT), Eric Kades

Restoring Faith in Military Justice, Eleanor T. Morales and John W. Brooker

Children, Disability, and the Digital Classroom: Rethinking Access and Assistive Technology for Low-Income Children with Disabilities in the Digital Age, Ashley R. Nyce

Rise of Police Unions on the Back of the Black Liberation Movement, Ayesha Bell Hardaway

To Be Continued: How Comic Book Copyright Inequity Inspired Industry Innovation and Instilled Instrumentalities for Independence, Richard P. Metzroth