Volume 53 Issue 3

George Floyd and I Are One in the Same, Cashuelle Ellington

Commentary Introduction, Sophie Bossart

Pregnancy and the New Jane Crow, Michele Goodwin

Tyranny of the Task Force: Police Abolition and the Counterinsurgent Campus, Dylan Rodríguez

Lawyering for Abolitionist Movements, Jamelia Morgan

Blackness and Existential Crimes in the Modern Racial State, Natalie P. Byfield

Metanarratives of Traffic Policing, Jordan Blair Woods

Abolition Constitutionalism and Non-Reformist Reform: The Case for Ending Pretrial Detention, René Reyes

A Decarceral Cadence: Neurologic Music Therapy as an Abolitionist Project, Richard A. Kirby & Mallori D. Thompson

Toward a Political Theory of Police Violence, Kiel Brennan-Marquez