Volume 52 Issue 5

Original Constitutionalist: Reconstructing Richard S. Kay’s Scholarship, Yaniv Roznai

Constituent Power and Constituent Authority, Mikolaj Barczentewicz

Of Omnipotent Things, Joel I. Colón-Ríos

Facts, Fictions and Other Artifices: “Constituent Authority” as the Work of Imagination, Zoran Oklopcic

The Boundaries of Constituent Authority, Yaniv Roznai

Ad Hoc Constitutional Reform in the UK, Alison L. Young

Constitutional Chronometry, Legal Continuity, Stability and the Rule of Law: A Canadian Perspective on Aspects of Richard Kay’s Scholarship, Warren J. Newman

R.T.E. Latham and Change in the Ultimate Rules of a Legal System, Peter Oliver

Institutional Change and the Continuity of Law, Peter L. Lindseth

Authority and Meaning, Laurence Claus

Connecting the Rule of Recognition and Intentionalist Interpretation: An Essay in Honor of Richard Kay, Larry Alexander

The Special Kay Defence of Non-Originalist Judges: A Serial with an Unhealthy Final Ingredient, James Allan

Legislative Intentions in Antonin Scalia’s and Bryan Garner’s Textualism, Jeffrey Goldsworthy

Original Expectations, Mark A. Graber

Two Constitutional Rights, Two Constitutional Controversies, Michael J. Perry

Brahmin Connections: A Note on the Vocation of the Law Professor, Carol Weisbrod

Book Review: The Glorious Revolution and the Continuity of Law, Anthony W. Bradley

The Paradox of Texts and Constitutional Authority: For Rick Kay, Wallace Stevens Professor, Aviam Soifer

Connecticut 1818: From Theocracy to Toleration, Mark Weston Janis

Rick Kay: And Now for the Rest of the Story, Richard D. Pomp

Response to the Contributors, Richard S. Kay